A simple beginning

"Thinking Toys – with learning in mind" supplying schools, nursery schools, toy libraries and therapists. We have researched the industry, and listened to teachers and parents as to what they want, with regards to good quality educational products. There is definitely a need in South Africa for good quality educational products for both teachers and parents to use with their children. There is also a huge demand for home schooling products, a very definite emerging trend in South Africa.

Our Mission

Thinking Toys is dedicated to supplying innovative educational materials that spark young imaginations, inspire a sense of amazement and foster a lifelong love of learning. We want to help children reach developmental milestones and achieve educational goals, while still having fun! We know that each child is unique! All of the products we carry must meet stringent quality & safety standards. They must be strong enough for daily use in the classroom.

Services we offer

  • Full service website 24/7
  • Catalogues downloading online
  • 24 hour turnaround time for quotations
  • Delivery throughout Southern Africa and the world
  • Newsletters